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3 tech innovations not far away

We have been promised flying cars, tele-porters and jet packs for decades but not one of them, as yet have quite seen the light of day.

Linking Dreams

Using pillows with running fibres in the fabric, it’ll be possible to see and track electrical activity in the brain.

This won’t only reveal when someone is dreaming, but recent developments indicate that we will also have the ability to tell what they’re dreaming about.

Additionally, it is possible (with prior arrangement presumably, and when the two individuals are in a dream state at precisely the same time) for two people to share fantasies.

One could attempt to maneuver a friend’s fantasy in precisely the same way, so that they can efficiently share a fantasy, and might even have the ability to interact inside.

Augmented reality

You’ve seen movies where the protagonist sees the world with computer-generated images or data superimposed in their field of view.

That technology area is growing very fast now and, we will all be sporting a lightweight visor as we walk around.

As well as all of the things your phone does, it is going to permit you to set anything you need straight directly in front of you.

The roads can be filled with cartoon characters, aliens or zombies.

You can change how people look too, replacing them with your favourite models if you desire.


Polymer gel muscles will be five times more powerful than natural ones, which means you could purchase clothing that provides you superhuman strength.

They’re too expensive to make now, but not later on.

Envision free-running and leaping between buildings such as a superhero, and using built-in reactive armour to make you bulletproof also, with additional super-senses also constructed inside.

A good deal of that stuff is achievable so that exoskeletons might become prevalent sports and leisure wear, in addition to the military and emergency service uses.

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